“YOU. No one else, but you.

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"I can’t remember what it was like not knowing you, not being c l o s e to you.”

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Spike imitating Angel…

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Roy Harper and Felicity Smoak in Arrow 3x02 ‘Sara’

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And the reason I agreed to wear three breakaway suits to the office today is that I thought it would help me get rid of Larry, who I have learned is the most annoying person on the planet.

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“So much of the last 2 seasons was about the morality of what they were doing. Am I a hero? Am I a killer? And now he’s sort of on the hero track is this all there is? Am I just going to do this until I die? Can we be together? Can I be with anybody else if I’m not with you?” Those are the questions that are being asked this year.  — Andrew Kreisberg

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