"We must never expect discretion in first love: it is accompanied by such excessive joy that unless the joy is allowed to overflow, it will choke you."

annieedisons, dairtodestiel & anon asked: Dair or Jeff/Annie

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make me choose » scallison or & sciles (asked by anonymous)

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that’s what i keep saying

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there’s no such thing as fate.

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Where? I’ll tell you where. Close your eyes and point. Whatever spot you pick, that’s our home.

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“If you’re searching for that one person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror.” — it’s you. (via theba-na-natimes)

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Matilda’s strong young mind continued to grow, nurtured by the voices of all those authors who had sent their books out into the world like ships on the sea. These books gave Matilda a hopeful and comforting message: You are not alone.

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